Breaking: Police Open Fire on Murder Suspect in Kokrajhar, Assam


In a dramatic turn of events, a murder suspect, Shambu Kahar, accused of killing retired engineer Tapan Chakravarty in Kokrajhar, Assam, faced police gunfire as he attempted to escape custody.

Escape Attempt Turns Violent

The situation escalated when Kahar, in police custody, reportedly assaulted a constable in a desperate bid to flee. Law enforcement responded with controlled gunfire to thwart his escape. The police had taken Kahar to a location where the murder weapon was concealed. After retrieving the weapon, he allegedly attacked a constable before making a run for it.

Police Action and Suspect’s Injuries

Prompt police intervention resulted in Kahar being shot in the leg on the spot, preventing his escape. Currently undergoing treatment at a local hospital, Kahar’s injuries highlight the intensity of the encounter. Kahar was recently apprehended in Behar, West Bengal, before this incident unfolded.

The accused, Shambu Kahar, stands charged with the murder of Tapan Chakravarty, a 70-year-old retired engineer, and the assault on his wife, Madhumita Chakravarty (65), on November 29.

Investigation Unveils Unsettling Details

The incident unfolds, an ongoing investigation seeks to shed light on the circumstances surrounding the police firing and the suspect’s attempt to escape custody. Authorities are delving into the specifics of the murder case, aiming to provide clarity on the sequence of events and the events leading up to this intense encounter.



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