Car Garage Burnt to Ashes in Gandachara Vandalism Fire


Car garage burnt to ashes in vandalism fire in Gandachara. The incident occurred on Wednesday late night in Sarma Debnath Para Bot Gach Chaumuhani area of Gandachhara. Around 1.30 am someone set fire to the new car workshop of Sarma Sarkar in Sarma Debnath Para Bot Gach Chaumuhani area of Gandachhara. At this time, a police car was passing along the Gandachhara-Raisyabari road Suddenly the police saw the fire and informed the people nearby.

The locals rushed and informed the workshop owners In the meantime, information was given to the Gandachhara fire department. An engine of the fire department rushed to the spot and brought the fire under control with the help of local residents. By that time the car workshop completely collapsed. On that day, the way the flames were spreading at a fast speed, there was a possibility of a major accident in the surrounding area including the neighboring shops. Fortunately, the fire was brought under control when the fire department personnel reached the spot at the right time. In the fire incident, there was a loss of about two lakh rupees along with car parts They opened the workshop just 17 days ago with high hopes. Meanwhile, they have to face such a big loss. Due to this, the owners of the garage were mentally broken. Meanwhile, the residents have raised the demand to increase the police surveillance in the area at night. Otherwise, there is a possibility of more major accidents happening in the coming days. As the incident of fire spread late in the night, there was a sensation in the area.



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