Shortage of Blood in Blood Bank at Teliyamura Hospital


Even after the Chief Minister’s request, Teliyamura sub-division hospital is anemic. The blood bank has been anemic for almost four long months. Relatives of dying patients are wandering around due to lack of necessary blood. The blood center of Teliamura Sub-Divisional Hospital was inaugurated in the month of September 2022 by the hands of Chief Minister Professor Manik Saha.

After the opening of this blood center, the patients and their relatives were smiling And at the same time Murushu patients also started taking blood services from the blood center But suddenly this blood center became anemic. It is known that the cancer patients of the area have benefited a lot since the blood center was launched When asked about the anemia in the blood center, Health Officer of Teliyamura Divisional Hospital Dr. Chandan Debbarma, he clarified that there is no shortage of blood in this center. There is a huge shortage of blood in the blood center of Teliyamura Divisional Hospital However, MOIC and Doctor Ajit Debbarma urged various social and other organizations of Teliamura sub-division to come forward for voluntary blood donation.



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