Center Guidelines for News Service’s


The Union Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has issued a guideline highlighting the precedent of the manner in which some news such as cricketer Rishabh Pant’s road accident has been aired by some television channels.

Emphasis is placed on appropriate editing and retouching of images or videos circulating on social media when publishing them in the news.

According to the guidelines, pictures or videos of corpses, blood-stained persons or brutally hitting a woman, child or the elderly, beating a child by a teacher at close range are repeatedly shown for several minutes.

The victim’s face or bloodied figure is not blurred in the picture or video. Describing such broadcasts as ugly and distressing, the guidelines said, it has an adverse effect on the viewer’s mind and creates pressure on children. The victim’s privacy is disturbed. Which is actually defamatory and against public interest. Reminding that there are specific rules in this regard, asking to comply.



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