Congress nominated Mr. Shivam Agarwal the assembly district president from Rishikesh constituency in Uttarakhand.


On becoming the District President of the Legislative Assembly, Shivam Agrawal was warmly welcomed by the people of Uttarakhand, who honored him at various places. They also expressed their gratitude by presenting him with a floral garland.

During this time, Shivam Agrawal shared that he has been devoted to serving the people of the region with a sense of social service. He has provided underprivileged children in the area with school supplies and facilitated their free admission to schools. He has also organized blood donation camps, and medical camps, and donated wheelchairs and other equipment to differently-abled individuals. His dedication to social service is unwavering, and he continues to work for the welfare of the people in the region.

Rishikesh Youth Congress has demanded action against illegal drug traffickers. The illegal drug trade is increasing in the main areas of the city – Shivam Agarwal.

In Rishikesh, there is a strong demand for action against those who are luring young people into the quagmire of addiction. Youth Congress leaders are now being closely watched for their efforts to combat the illegal sale of narcotics, and they are demanding strict measures against drug traffickers. Shivam Agarwal revealed that drug trafficking is on the rise in the area, with drug dealers ensnaring young individuals in its clutches, causing distress in many households due to addiction-related issues. The police and district administration should take stringent action against this illegal trade to put a stop to it. Shivam highlighted that the current dens of these traffickers include places like ISBT Bus Stand, Gumanwala, Labor Colony, and IDPL, where they are spreading the poison of addiction among the youth. Unless the administration takes a firm stand against this, the situation will only worsen.

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