Congress Party Reviews Post-Election Situation and Demands Action Against BJP-Backed Attacks, in Tripura


In a post-election review meeting held at the Pradesh Congress headquarters, the party’s leadership gathered to assess the overall situation in the state following the recent assembly elections. Led by TPCC President Brijit Sinha, the meeting aimed to discuss the party’s stand and implement decisions made by the party chief during a prior meeting in Udaipur, Rajasthan. The meeting included the presence of prominent leaders such as former MLA Asish Kumar Saha, among others.

Addressing reporters, TPCC President Brijit Sinha highlighted the importance of the meeting, stating, “We have brought together district presidents and leaders from various levels to implement the decisions made by the party chief in Udaipur. Over the next 10 days, these organizational decisions will be implemented in the state under the guidance of our national leaders.” Sinha emphasized the need for swift action and stated that a detailed report documenting attacks on Congress leaders and workers by miscreants allegedly backed by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) had been prepared. This report would be submitted to senior police officials, the governor, and the chief minister, with a demand for immediate action against the perpetrators.

Sinha expressed concerns about ongoing incidents of hooliganism and forceful extortion of money, despite the chief minister’s call to end such activities. He remarked, “While the chief minister has called for an end to ‘Mafiagiri,’ similar acts of hooliganism continue to take place across the state. We have evidence of attacks and extortion happening in various locations, and we demand that the authorities take decisive action.”

Former MLA Asish Kumar Saha also addressed the reporters, strongly condemning the attacks on Congress activists and supporters. He highlighted a recent incident involving the assault on Debasish Saha, the youth congress president in Agartala. Asish described how hoodlums allegedly backed by the BJP had targeted Debasish’s house in Ujan Abhoynagar, vandalizing the property, destroying household items, and even assaulting his father. He expressed his disappointment in the police’s lack of action despite an immediate report being filed after the attack.

The Congress leaders expressed their gratitude to the people of Karnataka for electing the party to power in a separate statement, acknowledging the support received during the recent elections.

The meeting held at the Pradesh Congress headquarters signaled the party’s commitment to addressing the post-election scenario and ensuring the implementation of decisions taken at the national level. The discussion revolved around the rising incidents of violence against Congress leaders and workers, with particular emphasis on attacks allegedly perpetrated by miscreants supported by the BJP. By compiling a comprehensive report on these incidents, the Congress party aimed to hold the responsible parties accountable by demanding immediate action from the appropriate authorities.

The comments made by TPCC President Brijit Sinha and former MLA Asish Kumar Saha highlighted the urgency of the situation and the need for the government to take decisive action against those involved in such attacks. The incidents of violence against Congress activists and supporters are not only a threat to the individuals involved but also undermine the democratic fabric of the state. The Congress party, through this meeting and subsequent actions, aimed to ensure the safety of its members and uphold the principles of justice and accountability.

As the state government and law enforcement agencies receive the detailed report, it is expected that the necessary measures will be taken to investigate the attacks and bring the culprits to justice. The coming days will reveal the extent of the government’s commitment to maintaining law and order and upholding democratic values in the state. The Congress party will continue



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