Croma Music Series: Revolutionizing the Pop Music Scene with Unique Platforms and Talent


Croma Music Series Entertainment VMPG International is an Indian music Record label, Publishing and Film Production Company founded by Mrigendra Bharti on 22-Aug-22. And Owned and Run by Mrigendra Bharti Group InfoTech ( IBMC ).  The company carries its business activities mainly from Delhi and West Bengal.  It is primarily known for pop music. The Croma Music Series features content in Hindi, Punjabi, and English language.

Croma Music Series has created many such platforms which are represented by different names. Volvet Music Publishing Group, Shodwe Music Co. Ducer Music Group of Bengal. Croma Music Series also known as Mrigendra Bharti Group Music MBGM.

Mrigendra Bharti is the Founder/Owner and Managing Director of Croma Music Series Entertainment and CEO/ Production Manager Mr. Satyam Sinha, Mrigendra made this platform very thoughtfully Mrigendra had set up his own music website is the name of ‘Croma Music Series On Stage India’ For New and talented artists for free. Then he created a channel on YouTube and started uploading his own singers’ Cover Songs. But after some time he converted his cover channel to Independent Music Label Name changed to ‘ SnyLite Cassattes’. After that, he opened his own official Music Record Label and Publishing Company name as Croma Music Series Entertainment. After that, he started producing official music albums.

And in today’s date, this company has become a well-known music publishing company, which puts its songs on streaming platforms only. According to the company, they do not do their music business on YouTube.



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