Deputation with 15-point Demands on Behalf of Girls Prautist to West District Magistrate


To establish the dignity and full rights of women in the society and to build an ideal society free from exploitation, a deputation was given to the Sadar District Governor on Thursday with 15-point demands on behalf of Girls Prautist.

After the deputation, the delegation met the journalists and said that women cannot move forward on the right path of development until education, economic and social rights are established. In our country men and women are almost equal in number. But in terms of rights, women are completely neglected and deprived. Women are still far behind in all spheres including economic, social and political Women lag behind in education. Also, although rights are recognized for women, they are not allowed to enjoy those rights properly.

The advent of independent sovereigns cannot be desired at all As long as education, health, social and economic aspects do not reach the same level, the country, state, society and even the whole world cannot progress on the right path of development. That is why the deputation and memorandum have been given to the administration of Sadar Sub-Division demanding the protection of women’s rights.



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