Dividing Tribals For Political Gains


The Tripura Chief Minister Manik Saha accuses the CPI(M) on Saturday of trying to create a division among tribal and non-tribal people to get political mileage. He alleged CPI (M) for fomenting violence in reply to Saha and said that his party ensures peace and prosperity of the state.

On the division of the tribal and non-tribal people, Saha said during the party program organized by BJP in Gomati district kakraban are held on Friday “ clear the road if comrades are presented on the streets. You have batons. I don’t need to say how you use these,” “The left Party has been trying to divide tribal and non-tribal people to get political mileage. It has been doing this since 1978. CPI(M) leaders have a tradition of creating terror whenever they ruled.”

Additionally, he stated that measures will be taken to aware people of how the left party had created terror to capture power.

The new government will be formed based on the performance and maximum seats held in the election.

He added that “all set to reach out to the people with the government’s performance in 100 days since he became the chief minister.” “We will meet the people to inform them about what we have done for them in the last 100 days. In this exercise, we will cover the entire state by December.”

Saha appealed to local leaders to accept his party decision on the chosen candidate for the Kakraban constituency in the next year’s assembly.”

BJP lost the seat at the CPI(M) assembly election at last.