EC to Conduct Booth-Level Meetings in Tripura, Ahead of Vote Counting


It is not uncommon for the Election Commission (EC) to hold booth-level peace meetings ahead of vote counting in order to ensure a peaceful and fair electoral process. In the case of Tripura, these meetings are likely being held in anticipation of any potential conflicts or violence that could arise during or after the vote counting process.

Booth-level peace meetings are typically organized by the EC in collaboration with local authorities, political parties, and other stakeholders. The meetings are intended to promote dialogue and understanding among different groups and to address any concerns or grievances that may exist.

During these meetings, representatives from the EC and other organizations may discuss issues such as the importance of peaceful and fair elections, the role of polling agents and other election officials, and the need for all parties to respect the outcome of the election.

The EC’s decision to hold booth-level peace meetings in Tripura is a proactive step aimed at ensuring that the vote counting process is conducted in a peaceful and orderly manner. By promoting dialogue and understanding among different groups, the meetings may help to prevent conflicts or violence and ensure that the election results are accepted by all parties.

The booth-level peace meetings are scheduled to be held on February 27 and 28, said Chief Electoral Officer (CEO) Gitte Kirankumar Dinakarrao, urging all political parties, eminent citizens and professionals to participate. 



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