From Classroom to Record Label: The Journey of Kokborok Rapper Zwing Lee


Today we have the pleasure of sitting down with Zwing Lee, a renowned Kokborok rapper and the founder of Borok Gang, a record label dedicated to promoting Kokborok rap in Tripura. Zwing Lee will share insights into their background, journey in the music industry, and the mission behind Borok Gang.

An Interview Session With Zwing Lee:

Can you tell us about your background and how you first got involved in the music industry as a Kokborok rapper? What inspired you to start your own record label, Borok Gang? Can you share some insights into its mission and vision?

I started off back from my high school days freestyling in my classroom with my friends and I took it seriously when I went to Bangalore and met AK Gee and Borok TV.

Borok Gang initially began as a movement to promote Borok Rap in Tripura, but it eventually transformed into a label that collaborated with artists from various genres of Kokborok music. Moving forward, Borok Gang will keep creating more music, providing opportunities for talented and emerging artists.

As an artist and entrepreneur, what are your upcoming projects or releases that your fans can look forward to?

Well, there are a few projects in the works, and I can’t reveal all of them until they’re fully completed. But what I can tell you is that there are some unexpected collaborations coming up from me. Oh, and we’ve got the Borok Gang Theme Track coming next. And there’s also a track with Kaami ni Borok. I’m really excited about it too!

How do you see the future of Borok Gang? Are there any plans for expanding the label or collaborating with other artists?

Right now, we’re all about collaborations.

Could you describe your journey as a Kokborok rapper and the challenges you’ve faced along the way? How have these experiences shaped you as an artist?

I still feel like I haven’t accomplished anything. All I wanna do is make good music. That’s all I really want. The future of Borok Gang will be filled with even better quality music. I’d like to label Borok Gang’s music as Urban Kokborok Music because it’s slightly different from the music that gets millions of views in our state.

Being a representative of the Kokborok rap scene, what do you think sets it apart from other regional music genres? How do you hope to contribute to its growth and recognition?

Rap music is blowing up worldwide, and in Tripura, it’s just getting started, you know? The rap scene in Tripura is a pretty small community, but I’m really hoping it expands over time.

Can you share a memorable moment or performance that stands out in your career so far? What made it special for you?

The performance in F.I.T. will always hold a special place in my heart because it was done by our Bubagra.

As the owner of Borok Gang, what advice would you give to aspiring artists looking to establish their own independent record labels?

I don’t advise anyone, but if your heart tells you to do it, just go for it. That’s exactly what I did.

How do you balance your roles as a rapper and a label owner? What are some of the challenges you face in managing both aspects of your career?

Well, the answer to the question is finance. As the owner, I try to figure out the amount of money needed to complete a project, and sometimes it doesn’t fit within the desired budget, so we have to make some adjustments.

What are your long-term plans or goals for your music and Borok Gang? Are there any specific milestones you hope to achieve?

My music or the music in Borok Gang is ahead of its time compared to the currently viral songs. But I think that in the next 10 years, people will recognize the vision we had. For now, we’ll just keep making good music and putting it up on all streaming platforms.

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Can you tell us about the importance of preserving and promoting Kokborok culture through your music and the work of Borok Gang? How do you ensure that the essence of your heritage is reflected in your art?

I always try to incorporate Kokborok folk tracks into my songs, sampling them. Moreover, while writing my lyrics, I make references to the history of Tripura. In my latest track, ‘Girl’ featuring Parmita Reang, we did include the folk tune from our state.

Interview Conclusion:

Throughout our conversation, Zwing Lee enlightened us about their humble beginnings, their passion for creating meaningful music, and the aspirations they hold for the future of Borok Gang. Their dedication to preserving and promoting Kokborok culture is evident through their incorporation of folk elements and historical references in their music. With upcoming projects and unexpected collaborations on the horizon, fans can anticipate a vibrant and evolving Kokborok rap scene. As an artist and entrepreneur, Zwing Lee continues to inspire aspiring artists and encourages them to follow their hearts in pursuing their dreams. With Borok Gang’s commitment to producing high-quality music and providing opportunities to emerging talent, we can undoubtedly expect great things from this dynamic label in the years to come.

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