GCDEA Joins Forces with Asianet News to Launch “Porkalam 2024” Election Debate Programme


GCDEA Director “AD” Announces Partnership with Asianet News to Brand and Organize Groundbreaking Election Debate Initiative “Porkalam 2024”

In a pioneering move aimed at fostering democratic dialogue and electoral awareness, GCDEA (Global Corporation for Democratic and Electoral Assistance) has forged a strategic partnership with Asianet News to introduce an innovative election debate programme titled “Porkalam 2024.” The collaboration, announced by GCDEA Director “AD,” marks a significant milestone in promoting democratic values and civic engagement in India.

“Porkalam 2024” is set to revolutionize the landscape of election debates by providing a dynamic platform for candidates and voters to engage in substantive discussions on key electoral issues. The programme, branded and organized jointly by GCDEA and Asianet News, will traverse the length and breadth of Kerala, covering 20 parliamentary constituencies from Kasargod to Trivandrum.

The partnership between GCDEA and Asianet News underscores a shared commitment to promoting democratic participation and electoral transparency. Through “Porkalam 2024,” both entities aim to empower voters with knowledge, facilitate informed decision-making, and strengthen the democratic fabric of Kerala.

GCDEA Director “AD” expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, “We are thrilled to partner with Asianet News for ‘Porkalam 2024,’ a landmark initiative that embodies our commitment to enhancing democratic dialogue and electoral integrity. Through this programme, we aim to foster meaningful engagement between candidates and constituents, paving the way for a more informed and participatory electoral process.”

Asianet News, Kerala’s leading news network, brings its extensive reach and credibility to “Porkalam 2024,” ensuring widespread coverage and visibility for the programme. With its dedicated team of journalists and state-of-the-art broadcasting infrastructure, Asianet News is poised to amplify the voices of candidates and voters alike, catalyzing informed debate and dialogue across the state.

Commenting on the partnership, a spokesperson for Asianet News remarked, “We are proud to collaborate with GCDEA for ‘Porkalam 2024,’ an initiative that aligns with our mission of promoting democratic values and citizen engagement. Through this programme, we aim to provide a platform for constructive discourse and informed decision-making, enriching the electoral process in Kerala.”

As “Porkalam 2024” gears up for its inaugural debate, anticipation is running high among voters and candidates across Kerala. With GCDEA’s expertise in electoral assistance and Asianet News’s unparalleled media outreach, the programme promises to set new standards for election debates, driving meaningful dialogue and democratic participation in the run-up to the elections.


The partnership between GCDEA and Asianet News for “Porkalam 2024” represents a groundbreaking initiative to promote democratic values and electoral engagement in Kerala. As the programme unfolds, it is poised to inspire informed debate, empower voters, and enrich the electoral process, reaffirming the importance of collaboration in advancing democratic principles and practices.



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