Guwahati Declares Dry Days Ahead of Lok Sabha Polls


In preparation for the upcoming Lok Sabha Elections, dry days have been announced in Guwahati from May 5 to May 7. The decision, authorized by the Kamrup Metro District Commissioner, aims to ensure a peaceful electoral process during the third phase of the elections scheduled for May 7.

During the designated dry days, the sale and consumption of alcohol will be prohibited across Guwahati to maintain law and order and prevent any untoward incidents that may arise due to the influence of alcohol during the election period. The prohibition on alcohol sales is a common practice implemented by authorities to maintain decorum and prevent disruptions during crucial electoral events.

The announcement of dry days in Guwahati underscores the authorities’ commitment to conducting free, fair, and peaceful elections in the region. By imposing restrictions on the sale and consumption of alcohol, the authorities aim to create a conducive environment for voters to exercise their democratic rights without any external disturbances or undue influence.

The decision to implement dry days ahead of the Lok Sabha Elections reflects the administration’s proactive measures to uphold the integrity of the electoral process and ensure the safety and security of citizens participating in the democratic exercise. By preemptively addressing potential concerns related to alcohol consumption, the authorities seek to mitigate any risks that may arise during the election period.

Furthermore, the announcement of dry days serves as a reminder to the public to adhere to the rules and regulations prescribed by electoral authorities and to conduct themselves responsibly during the election period. It is imperative for residents of Guwahati to cooperate with the authorities and comply with the directives issued to maintain public order and facilitate smooth polling processes.

Overall, the decision to declare dry days in Guwahati ahead of the Lok Sabha Elections underscores the administration’s commitment to upholding democratic principles and ensuring a fair and transparent electoral process. By implementing measures to prevent the sale and consumption of alcohol during this critical period, authorities aim to create a conducive environment for voters to exercise their franchise freely and without any external influence.



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