Tezpur University Commemorates World Press Freedom Day

World Press Freedom Day

Tezpur University’s Department of Mass Communication and Journalism celebrated World Press Freedom Day on May 3, emphasizing the critical role of press freedom in fostering democracy. The occasion provided a platform to reflect on the challenges faced by journalists worldwide and underscored the significance of upholding the principles of free and independent media.

The theme for World Press Freedom Day 2024, ‘A Press for the Planet: Journalism in the Face of the Environmental Crisis,’ resonated with the urgent need to address environmental issues through responsible journalism. Participants at the event engaged in discussions and deliberations on how media can contribute to raising awareness about environmental challenges and advocating for sustainable solutions.

The observance of World Press Freedom Day at Tezpur University underscored the university’s commitment to promoting academic discourse on pressing societal issues. Through seminars, workshops, and panel discussions, faculty members and students explored the role of journalism in addressing environmental concerns and fostering public awareness.

Speakers at the event highlighted the importance of ensuring the safety and security of journalists, particularly in regions where press freedom is under threat. They emphasized the need for governments and stakeholders to respect the rights of journalists and protect their ability to report freely and without fear of reprisal.

Students from the Department of Mass Communication and Journalism actively participated in the event, showcasing their understanding of the challenges faced by journalists and their role in promoting press freedom. Through presentations and interactive sessions, they demonstrated their commitment to upholding ethical standards in journalism and advocating for media freedom.

The celebration of World Press Freedom Day at Tezpur University served as a reminder of the essential role played by journalists in holding power to account and informing the public about critical issues. It underscored the university’s dedication to nurturing a generation of media professionals who are committed to upholding the values of press freedom and journalistic integrity.

As the world grapples with complex challenges, including environmental degradation and climate change, the role of the media in raising awareness and driving positive change becomes increasingly vital. World Press Freedom Day provided an opportunity for stakeholders to reaffirm their commitment to supporting a free and independent press and recognizing its indispensable contribution to democracy and sustainable development.



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