Guwahati Police Issue Traffic Guidelines for IPL Match at Barsapara Stadium

Barsapara stadium in Guwahati

IPL match at the Barsapara stadium in Guwahati, the local police department has taken proactive measures to manage traffic effectively and ensure public safety. With thousands of spectators expected to attend the cricket event, the Guwahati Police have issued traffic guidelines to streamline vehicular movement and minimize disruptions.

To facilitate the smooth flow of traffic, restrictions on vehicular movement will be enforced on May 15 and May 19, coinciding with the dates of the IPL match. These measures are aimed at creating a conducive environment for spectators to reach the stadium while also ensuring the unhindered passage of emergency vehicles in case of any unforeseen incidents.

The traffic guidelines issued by the Guwahati Police outline designated routes and parking areas for attendees of the IPL match. By adhering to these instructions, motorists can avoid congestion and navigate the city streets more efficiently during the event days.

In addition to regulating traffic flow, the police department will deploy personnel at key intersections and strategic points to manage crowd control and maintain order. These officers will be tasked with directing traffic, assisting pedestrians, and addressing any issues that may arise to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone attending the IPL match.

Furthermore, the Guwahati Police have urged motorists to plan their travel routes in advance and allow for extra time to reach their destinations due to the expected increase in traffic volume around the Barsapara stadium area. By exercising patience and cooperation, commuters can contribute to the overall success of the traffic management efforts during the IPL match days.

As part of their commitment to public safety, the Guwahati Police have advised spectators to follow all traffic rules and regulations, including wearing seat belts, avoiding distracted driving, and refraining from drunk driving. By prioritizing safety and compliance, attendees can contribute to creating a secure environment for everyone involved in the IPL event.

The issuance of traffic guidelines by the Guwahati Police ahead of the IPL match at the Barsapara stadium underscores their dedication to ensuring smooth traffic flow and public safety during the event. By following these guidelines and cooperating with law enforcement authorities, attendees can enjoy the cricket match while minimizing disruptions to the city’s transportation infrastructure.



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