Chujachen SA and Hillstone FC Shine in Sikkim Football League

Chujachen SA and Hillstone

In the third round of the SFA C-Division S-League 2023-24, Chujachen Sports Academy (SA) and Hillstone FC showcased their dominance with resounding victories at Paljor Stadium, Sikkim. Both teams displayed exceptional skill and determination, securing crucial wins to strengthen their positions in the league.

Chujachen SA delivered an impressive performance on the field, outplaying their opponents with a display of skillful tactics and coordinated teamwork. Their victory not only earned them vital points but also showcased their potential as strong contenders in the tournament. The players’ commitment and dedication were evident throughout the match, reflecting their determination to succeed in the competition.

Similarly, Hillstone FC exhibited a commendable display of footballing prowess, overpowering their rivals with a commanding performance. The team’s cohesive gameplay and strategic approach allowed them to dictate the pace of the game and emerge victorious. With each player contributing to the team’s success, Hillstone FC demonstrated their ability to compete at a high level in the league.

As the competition progresses, all eyes are now on the upcoming fixtures, which promise to deliver more thrilling encounters on the football field. Pegong FC is set to take on United Pacheykhani SC in what is expected to be a closely contested match between two determined sides. Both teams will be eager to secure a win and climb up the league standings.

Meanwhile, Denzong Boyz FC will face off against JVC Singtam in another exciting fixture that is sure to captivate football fans. With both teams looking to make their mark in the league, the match is anticipated to be fiercely competitive, with each side vying for supremacy on the field.

As the SFA C-Division S-League 2023-24 unfolds, fans can expect more thrilling action and intense battles between the participating teams. With Chujachen SA and Hillstone FC setting the pace with their dominant performances, the competition is heating up, promising an enthralling journey ahead for football enthusiasts in Sikkim.



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