Samadhan Campaign’ Reaches NathuLa Pass, Focused on Ex-Servicemen Welfare in Sikkim

Ex-servicemen Welfare (ESW)

Secretary of Ex-servicemen Welfare (ESW), Dr. Niten Chandra, undertook a significant visit to NathuLa pass in East Sikkim today as part of the ‘Samadhan Campaign’. The campaign aims to address and resolve issues relevant to ex-servicemen, ensuring their welfare and well-being are prioritized.

Dr. Chandra’s visit to NathuLa pass marks a pivotal moment in the campaign’s outreach efforts, bringing attention to the concerns and challenges faced by ex-servicemen in the region. As he interacted with veterans and stakeholders, Dr. Chandra reaffirmed the government’s commitment to addressing their grievances and ensuring they receive the support they deserve.

The ‘Samadhan Campaign’ serves as a platform for ex-servicemen to voice their concerns and seek assistance in resolving various issues, ranging from pension-related matters to healthcare and employment opportunities. By reaching out to remote areas like NathuLa pass, the campaign aims to ensure that no ex-serviceman is left behind and that their needs are adequately addressed.

During his visit, Dr. Chandra engaged in constructive discussions with ex-servicemen and local authorities, seeking feedback and insights into the challenges they face. He emphasized the importance of effective communication and collaboration in finding solutions to their problems, reiterating the government’s unwavering support for the veteran community.

The ‘Samadhan Campaign’ underscores the government’s commitment to honoring the sacrifices made by ex-servicemen and their families. By proactively reaching out to them and addressing their concerns, the campaign aims to ensure that they lead dignified and fulfilling lives after their service to the nation.

As Dr. Chandra continues to spearhead the campaign’s efforts, the visit to NathuLa pass serves as a reminder of the government’s ongoing commitment to the welfare of ex-servicemen. Through proactive engagement and meaningful dialogue, the campaign seeks to create a conducive environment for ex-servicemen to thrive and contribute to society positively.

The ‘Samadhan Campaign’ reaching NathuLa pass in East Sikkim signifies a significant step towards addressing the needs of ex-servicemen in remote areas. With Dr. Niten Chandra’s leadership, the campaign aims to ensure that ex-servicemen receive the support and assistance they rightfully deserve, reaffirming the government’s unwavering commitment to their welfare.



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