Hindu Radical Group Targets Christian Schools in Assam


A Hindu radical group, the Sanmilito Sanatan Samaj, has initiated a poster campaign across Assam, demanding the removal of religious symbols and chapels from Christian missionary schools. The campaign poses a significant threat to the educational environment, sparking concerns among school authorities and the Christian community.

Poster Campaign Spreads Threat

Posters have surfaced outside prominent Christian schools in Guwahati and other parts of Assam, including Don Bosco School and St. Mary’s School. The posters issued a stern ultimatum, urging the removal of religious iconography and the cessation of religious activities within educational institutions.

The Kutumba Suraksha Parishad, led by hardliner Hindu activist Satya Ranjan Borah, set a deadline for missionary schools to comply with their demands. They insist on eliminating symbols like Jesus Christ, Mother Mary, and crosses from school premises, accusing the institutions of prioritizing Christianity over national values.

In response to the threats, principals of missionary schools have sought police protection, fearing potential disruptions. The Assam Christian Forum (ACF) emphasized the institutions’ commitment to inclusivity and peaceful coexistence, expressing concern over the escalating tensions.

The recent tensions stem from an incident where a teacher and principal allegedly mistreated a student for chanting ‘Jai Shri Ram’ at Calvary English School in Sonitpur district. This incident, along with perceived neglect of Hindu festivals and cultural practices, has intensified the dispute.

The Kutumba Suraksha Parishad called on Christian institutions to adhere to constitutional values and secular principles. They demand the removal of religious symbols and practices deemed exclusive to Christianity, citing violations of fundamental duties.

In response to the ultimatum, the Archbishop of Guwahati, John Moolachira, received a letter questioning the schools’ adherence to secularism and constitutional obligations. The Hindu group demands clarification on alleged discrimination against Hindu students and the neglect of Hindu festivals.

The Hindu group has given a ten-day ultimatum to Christian institutions to justify their practices and remove religious symbols from school campuses. The escalating tensions highlight the need for dialogue and mutual respect to uphold secular values in educational settings.

The situation underscores the delicate balance between religious freedom and secularism, emphasizing the importance of peaceful coexistence and respect for diversity in educational institutions.



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