Illegal Immigrants Sneaked Into Tripura


There have been many cases of Bangladeshi immigrants sneaking into India. Yesterday police arrested 26 illegal Bangladeshi immigrants in Agartala Tripura. The arrested Bangladeshis were staying in Agartala illegally for the last three weeks. These Bangladeshis are arrested from two different locations.

16 were arrested from Rajnagar locality of Agartala in Tripura, another 10 were nabbed from Ramnagar areas of the city. These people have been sent to jail.

It is important to inform you that these incidents are happening for many years and the government is not taking the proper measures. These Bangladeshi peoples’ motive is to carry out theft, robberies, drug deals, and even murders.

In 2019 Pradyot Manikra Deb Barman Bahadur the son of the last Maharaja tweeted saying “How much can a small state of Tripura absorb! Why does the government of India not seal the borders? Drugs and illegal immigrants continue to flock into our land and we keep silent! If we raise our voice we are called communal and gundas!!!” with a post where we can see police taking a man to investigate with them.

In addition, he said “Hello India, this how porous our borders are. These Bangladeshis are crossing over. Location Tripura, Simna, India at Daldai village. Do you think you ILP will stop them?” with a post in which we can see some people crossing the borders without any hesitant.

On April 13, 2022, there was another case where 10 Bangladeshi immigrants were arrested and investigated by the police.

Recently a local MLA Biswaketu Debbarma also arrested a big group of Bangladesh citizens after they had just sneaked inside the Indian Territory at Simna. They were under investigation by the local police.

Bangladeshis often sneak to Tripura some come for domestic purposes some for violent purposes. The government should take some action to stop this illegal sneaking as it causing chaos in the state.