Drug Abuse: A Threat To Tripura


The word “addiction” is often treated nonchalantly. Individuals may claim they’re addicted to TV, shopping or video games and while these matters can consume people in a very real way, there are thousands more that have an addiction to illicit drugs and other substances that are jeopardizing their lives on a much deeper level. What may start as casual use of substances can turn into dependence; when the brain only functions in the presence of that drug and compels a person to use it.

According to the source, the youth of 18-30+years are approaching drug abuse like charas, and ganja along with addiction to tablets and the use of syringes is at a high peak. Mostly students of schools and colleges are setting up alarming cases causing a detrimental effect on society.

Experts spoke; that the guardians especially of adolescents and youngsters should have sharp attention to their children and family members. The causes can be ample; an individual may be coaxed to take on with experimental mood in social situations. This can lead it increasingly difficult to go without the drug consequently attempts to stop drug use may cause intense cravings and make a person feel physically ill.

Recognizing unhealthy drug use in family members can lead to many possible indications such as frequently missing work and sudden disinterest in school activities. Deteriorating health issues, behavioural changes and significant money issues- sudden request of money without s reasonable explanation or disappearance of missing money without any suspect. It creates an unhealthy environment in one’s family.

The best way to prevent an addiction to the drug is not to take it. The Tripura government has facilitated rehabilitation centres, both Central and State Government initiated programmes and a number of Non-Profit Organizations is coming up to treat and mitigate drug abuse.

“Prevention is Always Better than Cure”