India Increases Fencing Work Along Indo-Myanmar Border Amid Concerns of Smuggling and Infiltration


As tensions in neighboring Myanmar continue to cause issues for India, the government has intensified fencing work along the 400 km long Indo-Myanmar border. The government is particularly concerned about large-scale smuggling of drugs and other goods from Myanmar.

The state of Tripura, though located at a distance from the border, has also felt the impact of Myanmar’s problems. The state has become a corridor for smuggling of Myanmar cows to Bangladesh and betel nuts to Silchar and other parts of the country.

Infiltration by Myanmar citizens has also become a major problem, with many seeking refuge in Mizoram and Manipur since the outbreak of clashes between the military and civilians in February 2021 when the junta seized power.

To address these concerns, the Indian government has instructed the Assam Rifles to increase vigilance along the border and strengthen security measures. The government has also decided to accelerate the border fencing, with the Governor of Manipur recently visiting the More area to supervise the progress of fencing works.

The increased fencing work and security measures are aimed at preventing smuggling and infiltration along the Indo-Myanmar border, which has become a major concern for the Indian government.



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