India Received Greetings from America on the 76th Independence Day


India is celebrating its 76th year of freedom from British colonial rule, there is an atmosphere of euphoria in the entire country. On this remarkable day of its history, The country is receiving greetings and congratulations from all over the world. 49th President of United States of America Joe Biden congratulated India on its independence day and said that ‘ Today India completed 75 years of independence from British colonial rule, US Foreign minister Antony blinken also congratulated India on its independence day.

While greeting he spoke about India’s journey of democracy, he mentioned that both countries have their crucial role in it. He also said that America is always with India in following Mahatma Gandhi’s principle of Truth and Nonviolence. He said that America and India have good relations and today India is celebrating its triumph over the British colonial rule, we respect India’s journey of democracy.

Biden further said that this year the two countries are also celebrating the 75th anniversary of diplomatic relations between their great democracies. Our partnership is further strengthened by the deep bonds between our people. The vibrant Indian-American community in the United States has made us a more innovative, inclusive, and stronger nation. The US President expressed confidence that in the years to come, both democracies will stand together to defend the rules-based order, promoting greater peace, prosperity, and security for their people.

In between this US Foreign minister, Antony blinken has also congratulated India on its independence day. He said Both countries are celebrating the 75th anniversary of their diplomatic relations. Our political partnership will flourish from the atmosphere to trade. He added ‘I have the belief that our partnership as two great democratic countries will keep contributing to the security, prosperity and global welfare of our people.