Indian Olympic Association President PT Usha Leads Tripura’s Sports Growth


In a pivotal move aimed at bolstering the Olympic movement in India, Padmashri PT Usha, the President of the Indian Olympic Association (IOA), orchestrated a crucial gathering with representatives from state Olympic associations across the nation. The rendezvous unfolded at the New Delhi Olympic Bhavan, underscoring a concerted effort to deliberate on the advancement and nurturing of sports across various states.

Tripura’s Representation and Focus

Key officials from Tripura, including the Advisory Committee Chairman of the Tripura Olympic Association, Ratan Saha, General Secretary Sujit Roy, and Assistant Secretary Liton Roy, actively participated in the gathering on Monday. The agenda predominantly revolved around the impending National Games and the pivotal issue of voting rights for state Olympic Associations.

In a special address to the assembly, Padmashri PT Usha shed light on the challenges encountered by Tripura within the Olympic Movement. Pledging unwavering support, PT Usha assured swift discussions with high-level officials, including the state government and the Chief Minister, to devise measures beneficial to athletes and the state’s sports community.

The Tripura Olympic Association expressed optimism that the prolonged challenges faced by the association would soon witness alleviation. This optimism stems from the recent acknowledgment received by the Tripura Olympics from the Indian Olympic Association, a gesture facilitated by Ratan Saha, marking a significant milestone since 2008.

Concurrently, officials from the Tripura Olympic Association engaged in discussions with the Athletics Federation to advocate for Tripura’s athletic community, ensuring they receive requisite support and resources for growth. Furthermore, a crucial meeting with the Ministry of Sports Youth Affairs was convened at Shastri Bhavan in New Delhi, where officials meticulously outlined the hurdles impeding the elevation of sports standards in Tripura.

The Government of India has pledged unwavering support to address Tripura’s concerns, with assurances of expediting necessary steps towards resolution. Sujit Roy, the General Secretary of the Tripura Olympic Association, conveyed these significant developments via a press release, heralding a promising new phase in the state’s Olympic journey.



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