GGP INFRA began with a conservation between two friends who wanted to start something of their own in the field of agriculture. The pandemic has changed the approach we had towards life and knowing its importance. The heritage of Indian culture is popular worldwide.

We have vivid colourful collections, with designs inspired by our heritage with the support of women artisans.

Nature Creations ~ VARNAM

The term “terracotta” refers to clay, the terracotta Jewells are handmade, hand painted in earthy hues, and are typically fired at much lower temperatures and covered with colorful glazes. Conventional yet the most popular motifs designed in terracotta jewellery include human figurines, animals, and gods of the tribes. To add modish touch artisans often depict contemporary shapes and patterns.

Terracotta objects are not sturdy and require careful handling, most clay articles come with a protective glaze, but care should be taken not to bring them in contact with water. It suits all skin types and does not cause allergies.

GGP INFRA is a Karnataka based company which is located in Electronic city, Bangalore.  Basically GGP INFRA is a agricultural company which we manufacturing Organic products through natural farming with Organic technology and We are specialized in making of Multifloral Natural Raw Honey, Honey chocolates, Millets and their products along with the help of Nature creations; we are making Handmade Jewels in the branding name VARNAM (is inspired by soil which is the base of agriculture. It means Colours or varieties in Sanskrit).The heritage of Indian culture is popular worldwide. We have vivid colourful collections, with designs inspired by our

Art has always been close to our heart, we are bringing before you one such form of the Indian legacy, VARNAM handmade Terracotta Jewellery which you can slay with our unique & colourful jewellery collection and give a desi touch to your outfit.

Terracotta jewellery fashion dates back to civilizations, preserving the legacy we have adapted it to the current trend. “

VARNAM – Is a brand came from Karnataka based “GGP INFRA” Company. We have around 100 different designs including bangles, earrings and neckpieces suitable for various occasions such as parties, weddings, engagements. These unique sets can be gifted to your closed ones as a token of love.

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