Introducing Ratna Villas: A New Standard in Luxury Green Tea


Lucknow: Locally Renowned hospitality professional and consultant Ashish Srivastava has unveiled his latest venture, Ratna Villas, a luxury green tea brand set to revolutionize the tea experience in India. With over 12 years of expertise in business development and strategic planning, Srivastava brings a new level of sophistication and purity to tea enthusiasts.

Ratna Villas presents a saatvik blend of pure, organic, and meticulously handpicked ingredients, creating an aromatic and rejuvenating cup of green tea that detoxifies the mind, body, and soul.

This exclusive brand is crafted for discerning individuals who prioritize self-care and luxury. With limited monthly production, Ratna Villas ensures each batch meets the highest standards of quality and exclusivity. To complement the luxurious tea experience, Ratna Villas is also launching a collection of premium copper cups, enhancing both the aesthetic and health benefits of your tea rituals.

As per the company, they claim it to be the best green tea in India in terms of fragrance, quality of leaf and exclusivity. Currently, Ratna Villas offers seven distinct blends, with plans to introduce an additional six to seven blends featuring unique fruit flavours and sexual wellness teas.

Consumers can easily purchase Ratna Villas products through the official website, [](, and on Swiggy Mini Stores, ensuring convenient access to this luxury brand.

Ashish Srivastava’s deep-rooted experience in hospitality and business development has paved the way for Ratna Villas to become a leader in the luxury green tea market.

For aspiring entrepreneurs, Ratna Villas offers an exciting opportunity to start a tea business with an investment as low as 35,000 INR, making it accessible for many to enter the premium tea market.

For more information, visit []( and explore the finest green tea blends available in India today.

Ashish Srivastava has been a stalwart in the hospitality industry for over a decade, focusing on new business development and strategic business planning. His latest venture, Ratna Villas, embodies his commitment to quality, luxury, and innovative wellness solutions. For inquiries, please contact: Ratna Villas Email: [email protected] Website: [] (



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