Free Multi-Specialty Health Camp at Margherita’s Tikak Colliery

health camp

In a bid to extend essential healthcare services to the community, a free multi-specialty health camp was conducted on Monday, May 20, at Tikak Colliery in the Margherita sub-division of Assam. The initiative, spearheaded under the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) scheme of North East Coalfields Coal India Ltd, Margherita, aimed to address the healthcare needs of the local populace.

The health camp, which garnered significant participation from residents of Tikak Colliery and surrounding areas, offered a wide array of medical services. Patients had access to consultations with specialist doctors from various fields, including general medicine, pediatrics, gynecology, and ophthalmology. Additionally, diagnostic tests such as blood pressure monitoring, blood sugar screening, and basic laboratory investigations were conducted on-site to facilitate prompt medical intervention.

The event witnessed enthusiastic participation from healthcare professionals, volunteers, and community members alike. Driven by the ethos of social responsibility and community welfare, the organizers ensured seamless coordination and efficient delivery of healthcare services throughout the duration of the camp.

Speaking about the significance of the initiative, officials from North East Coalfields Coal India Ltd underscored the company’s commitment to supporting the health and well-being of the communities in which it operates. By organizing such health camps, the company aims to bridge gaps in healthcare accessibility and contribute to the overall welfare of the local population.

The free multi-specialty health camp at Tikak Colliery served as a platform for addressing prevalent health concerns and promoting preventive healthcare practices among residents. Beyond providing immediate medical assistance, the event emphasized the importance of regular health check-ups and early detection of diseases for better health outcomes.

Community members expressed gratitude for the opportunity to avail themselves of quality healthcare services close to their doorstep. Many lauded the efforts of the organizers in facilitating the health camp and extending much-needed medical support to the underserved sections of society.

Overall, the free multi-specialty health camp at Margherita’s Tikak Colliery exemplified the collaborative efforts of stakeholders in enhancing healthcare accessibility and promoting community well-being. Such initiatives play a pivotal role in fostering a culture of health consciousness and ensuring holistic development in the region.



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