NFR Collects Over Rs 66 Crore from Special Drives Against Ticketless Travelers

Ticketless Travelers

The Northeast Frontier Railway (NFR) has intensified its efforts against ticketless travelers, resulting in the collection of a staggering Rs 66.27 crore in fines. Through rigorous ticket-checking drives, the NFR has managed to curb ticketless travel significantly, thereby promoting fair and lawful travel practices across its network.

The special drives conducted by the NFR have been instrumental in deterring passengers from traveling without valid tickets. These initiatives not only ensure that passengers comply with the rules and regulations but also contribute to the overall improvement of passenger services provided by the railway authorities.

By cracking down on ticketless travel, the NFR aims to uphold the integrity of the railway system while also safeguarding the interests of law-abiding passengers. The substantial amount collected in fines serves as a deterrent to those attempting to evade the payment of fares, thereby fostering a culture of accountability and compliance within the railway network.

The successful implementation of these special drives reflects the NFR’s commitment to maintaining transparency and accountability in its operations. Through vigilant monitoring and enforcement, the railway authorities have demonstrated their resolve to uphold the principles of fairness and equity in passenger transportation.

Moreover, the revenue generated from these fines can be reinvested into further improving passenger amenities and infrastructure, ultimately benefiting all passengers traveling on NFR trains. This includes initiatives aimed at enhancing safety, comfort, and convenience during train journeys.

Additionally, the NFR’s proactive approach towards tackling ticketless travel underscores its dedication to providing efficient and reliable services to passengers. By addressing issues such as fare evasion, the railway authorities contribute to the overall integrity and sustainability of the rail transport system in Assam and beyond.

Overall, the NFR’s efforts in collecting fines from ticketless travelers serve as a testament to its commitment to ensuring fair and accountable travel practices. Through continued vigilance and enforcement, the railway authorities strive to create a safe, reliable, and inclusive travel environment for all passengers traversing the region’s railway network.



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