Is India All Set to Resume Trade With Pakistan?


India and Pakistan have been closed for a long time. In the year 2019, India also banned trade through the Line of Control. The reason for this was the controversy over the currency being traded. But now there seems to be some hope of starting it again. The reason for this is the statement that came from Pakistan, in which the possibility of starting talks about it has been expressed. Actually, the Finance Minister of Pakistan has said that importing vegetables from India can be considered. Talking to a TV channel, he has emphasized this possibility.

The situation in Pakistan has become very bad due to flood. More than 1 thousand people have died in it. Thousands of hectares of cultivable land have been submerged. The crop has failed. In such a situation, it is becoming difficult for Pakistan to feed its people. The prices are already sky high due to the shortage of food items in the country. At the same time, the currency of the country has also become very weak. In such a situation, once again Pakistan has hopes for India.

when the trade between the two countries started on the LoC in Jammu and Kashmir in 2005, then about $ 1.2 billion was traded. It also employed 1.70 lakh people and generated revenue of $88 million from freight traffic alone.

If we look at the figures of Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh, and Delhi (PHD) Chamber of Commerce and Industry of India, then it is known that after independence 70 percent of trade was done between the two countries. Gradually it started decreasing. In the year 2018, it has come down to less than 1 percent. On 5 August 2019, when the Central Government abolished the special status of Jammu and Kashmir, it stopped completely.

Senior political analyst Qamar Agha believes that trade between the two countries can start. Talks are also going on internally about this at the diplomatic level. According to him, Indian goods in Pakistan have been going under Dubai ever since trade in both countries was closed. But it costs Pakistan dearly. If it starts directly then it will be cheaper for Pakistan. According to him, at present, it is difficult to have any kind of agreement ahead of trade between the two countries. Nor will this agreement lead to any major changes at the political level. India never hates the people of Pakistan. But till the time Pakistan-sponsored terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir does not stop, the situation will remain the same.