Jiten Chowdhury Lodges Complaint Against BJP for Model Code of Conduct Breach


Jiten Chowdhury, the CPI (M) state secretary and a member of the party’s central committee, has taken formal action by filing a complaint with the chief electoral officer (CEO), accusing the ruling BJP of blatant violations of the Model Code of Conduct, allegedly with the complicity of election officials. The complaint raises concerns about the impartiality of the ongoing election process.

Chowdhury’s grievance centers around a recent incident where a procession organized by the CPI (M) was halted by authorities as it approached the election office for filing nominations. The explanation provided was that the area was designated as restricted. However, according to Chowdhury, this “restricted area” was teeming with CPI (M) supporters, leading to suspicions of unequal treatment.

The CEO has reportedly acknowledged the complaint and assured Chowdhury that the matter would be referred to the district chief electoral officer for investigation. It remains to be seen how this complaint will be addressed and whether any corrective actions will be taken.

Furthermore, Chowdhury had previously requested the CEO of Sipahijala to ensure the removal of political graffiti and promotional materials that allegedly favored the ruling party. Regrettably, his appeal seems to have gone unheeded, which has only added to the frustration over the perceived violation of the Model Code of Conduct.

Chowdhury expressed his disappointment over the apparent lack of adherence to the Model Code of Conduct, a set of guidelines intended to ensure fair and ethical conduct during elections. He urged for the principles of a “level playing field” to be upheld by the election department, emphasizing the importance of an unbiased electoral process that respects the integrity of democratic norms.

As the election process unfolds, this complaint highlights the necessity for transparent and unbiased enforcement of the Model Code of Conduct, ensuring that all political parties are given an equal platform to participate and campaign within the framework of ethical electoral practices.



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