Jiten Chowdhury urges ‘Tipra Motha’ to stand up against BJP’s manipulation and defend the state assembly’s dignity


The state secretary and left front legislature party leader of CPI (M), Jiten Chowdhury, has expressed his concern over the ‘Tipra Motha’ being used as a tool by the BJP. Speaking at a press conference in the state assembly, Jiten urged ‘Tipra Motha’ to not become a pawn in the BJP’s political game. He criticized the appointment of an interlocutor by the union home ministry, stating that it would not solve the problems of tribals in Tripura, but rather expose the BJP’s devious tactics.

Jiten also accused the ruling BJP of destroying the dignity of the state assembly by suppressing the opposition’s voice on important public issues. He pointed out that the behavior of some ruling MLAs and ministers resembled that of unruly boys, which is not acceptable in a civilized society.

Moreover, Jiten highlighted the recent incident of the ‘Tipra Motha’ MLAs walking out of the house to avoid voting for the opposition candidate in the post of speaker, as a clear example of BJP’s manipulation. He urged ‘Tipra Motha’ to realize BJP’s intentions and stand firm against their exploitation.

Jiten emphasized that the welfare of the scheduled castes and tribes should be the priority, rather than false and baseless promises to garner votes.



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