Jorhat Tea Triumphs: Secures Gold at Prestigious UK Tea Awards


Jorhat tea from Assam achieves remarkable recognition, securing a prestigious Gold award at a renowned UK tea competition.

The gold-winning Jorhat tea triumphed in a globally acclaimed competition held in the United Kingdom, showcasing its exceptional quality and taste on an international platform. This victory marks a significant milestone for the Assam tea industry, signifying the high standards and excellence of locally produced teas.

The recognition of Jorhat tea at this prestigious event serves as a testament to the region’s rich heritage and expertise in tea cultivation. This triumph not only elevates the tea’s global appeal but also emphasizes the unparalleled craftsmanship and distinctive flavors found in Assam tea.

The UK tea award acknowledges the unparalleled attributes of Jorhat tea, recognizing its distinctive aroma, rich flavor profile, and the careful artistry employed in its production. The accolade underlines the excellence and finesse in tea-making, highlighting the superior quality of Assam’s tea produce.

This recognition on the international stage not only enhances the reputation of Jorhat tea but also contributes to the global appreciation for Assam’s tea heritage. It bolsters the region’s position as a leading producer of high-quality teas in the global market.

The victory of Jorhat tea at this prestigious competition brings a sense of pride and honor not only to the local tea industry but also to Assam’s cultural and economic landscape. It celebrates the dedication and craftsmanship of the tea producers and reaffirms Assam’s eminence in the global tea trade.

The award-winning Jorhat tea’s success in the UK event signifies an important milestone, reflecting the region’s expertise, quality, and richness in producing world-class teas. Further, this recognition amplifies the global appeal of Assam’s teas, showcasing the region’s ability to compete and excel in the global tea market.



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