Kicky & Perky Launches Exclusive Veritas Timeless Relic Collection: Unveiling Stunning Silver Jewelry for Men in India


Kicky & Perky, a renowned international jewellery brand with over 40 years of experience, is thrilled to announce the launch of their latest collection, the Veritas Timeless Relic Collection. This exclusive range of silver jewellery is specially designed for men and arrives just in time for Fathers Day, paying homage to the legacy of strength and style. With a perfect blend of classic craftsmanship and contemporary designs, this collection promises to captivate discerning men across India and beyond.

The untamed essence of manhood with Veritas Mens Silver Collection

The Perfect Fusion of Tradition and Innovation

Operating from Jaipur and with offices in Delhi, Noida, and Gurgaon, Kicky & Perky has earned a reputation as a trendsetting brand in the fashion, lifestyle, and fitness markets. Recognizing the need for an affordable brand that seamlessly combines vintage-inspired elements with modern aesthetics, Kicky & Perky was born.

The Veritas Timeless Relic Mens Collection is meticulously crafted from pure silver, offering a mesmerizing fusion of rustic elegance and bold masculinity. Drawing inspiration from historic antiques, warrior aesthetics, and ancient symbols, each piece exudes timeless appeal and an enchanting old-world charm. With artisanal detailing, distressed finishes, and exquisite patina, this collection presents regal adornments with a touch of nostalgia.

Veritas Timeless Relic

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A Vision of Identity and Origins

Aditi Khandelwal, CEO of Kicky & Perky, shares the brands vision, “We firmly believe that jewellery should be more than just a form of self-expression. It should embody the essence of ones identity, origins, and cherished affinities. This belief inspired the creation of Kicky & Perky, where we strive to craft handcrafted jewellery that beautifully blends traditional designs with modern aesthetics.

Elevate Your Style Quotient

The Veritas Timeless Relic Collection represents a significant expansion of Kicky & Perkys offerings as the brand now caters to the discerning tastes of men. Each meticulously designed piece showcases cutting-edge designs infused with contemporary twists, incorporating futuristic elements and avant-garde aesthetics. This Men’s Jewellery collection aims to make a powerful statement and elevate the wearers style quotient to new heights.

We take immense pride in honouring fathers and celebrating their invaluable presence in our lives. The Veritas Timeless Relic Mens Jewellery Collection is our special tribute to them, embodying their unique sensibilities and refined tastes,” says Aditi Khandelwal.

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Discover the Veritas Timeless Relic Mens Jewellery Collection

To explore the exquisite range of the Veritas Timeless Relic Collection and other remarkable jewellery pieces by Kicky & Perky, please visit their official website at

About Kicky & Perky

Kicky & Perky is a leading international jewellery brand with a rich heritage spanning over 40 years. Headquartered in Jaipur, India, with offices in Delhi, Noida, and Gurgaon, the company specializes in handcrafted jewellery that seamlessly blends classic craftsmanship with contemporary designs. With a commitment to diversity and affordability, Kicky & Perky creates pieces that transcend self-expression and truly capture the essence of identity, origins, and cherished affinities.

For more information about the Veritas Timeless Relic Collection and to explore Kicky & Perkys exquisite range of jewellery, please visit their website at or follow their Instagram @kickyandperky.





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