STGT Unemployed Youths Demand Results: Dharna at Chief Minister’s Residence

Dharna at Chief Minister's Residence

A group of unemployed youths belonging to the STGT category staged a protest today at the gate of the Chief Minister’s house, demanding the immediate declaration of the results for the examination held over a year ago. However, their attempts to meet the Chief Minister were thwarted by the police, who prevented their entry into the residence.

The aggrieved STGT unemployed youths have been waiting for a long time to be appointed to the post of STGT (Secondary Teacher Graduate Trained). The examination was conducted in November 2022, but the results have not been published yet. Frustrated with the delay, they had previously approached the Chief Minister on multiple occasions, seeking clarification on the publication date of their exam results. The Chief Minister had assured them that the results would be declared soon. However, despite this assurance, the results remain unpublished.

Today, in yet another attempt to address their concerns, hundreds of unemployed youths who had appeared for the STGT exam gathered outside the Chief Minister’s residence in the morning. However, their efforts to meet the Chief Minister were thwarted once again.

The unemployed youths expressed their disappointment, stating that the police administration had detained them in front of the Chief Minister’s residence. The police cited a lack of permission for their gathering as the reason for their intervention. Consequently, the protesting youths were compelled to leave, carrying their disappointment with them.

The delay in announcing the results has left the STGT unemployed youths in a state of uncertainty and frustration. Many of them have been eagerly awaiting the publication of the results to secure employment opportunities. The lack of clarity and the repeated delays have caused immense frustration among the unemployed youths, leading them to take to the streets in protest.

The STGT examination is of significant importance to these youths, as it represents a potential gateway to employment and stability in their lives. With their futures hanging in the balance, the unemployed youths feel compelled to voice their grievances and demand swift action from the authorities.

While the Chief Minister had assured them that the results would be declared soon, the repeated delays have eroded their trust and faith in the government’s commitment to resolving their concerns. The prolonged wait has only exacerbated their frustrations, prompting them to resort to protests to highlight their plight.

The STGT unemployed youths firmly believe that their demands for the prompt declaration of the exam results are legitimate and deserving of attention. They seek clarity and transparency in the process, as well as a clear timeline for the publication of the results. Additionally, they expect the authorities to address their grievances and provide them with a platform to express their concerns.

As the STGT unemployed youths continue their struggle for justice, their determination remains unwavering. They hope that their voices will be heard, and that the authorities will take swift action to address their concerns and alleviate their grievances. The ball now lies in the court of the government and the Chief Minister to act decisively and restore the faith of these unemployed youths in the system.



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