Kiren Rijiju Urges Negotiations to Quell Manipur Violence


Union Minister Kiren Rijiju has emphasized the critical need for negotiations to address the ongoing ethnic tensions in Manipur, marking it as a pivotal step in the Narendra Modi government’s mission to restore stability in the Northeast state.

Ethnic Clashes Linked to Manipur High Court Directive

Attributing the surge in clashes between the Meitei and Kuki communities to a Manipur high court directive advocating Scheduled Tribe (ST) status for the Meiteis, Rijiju highlighted the underlying ethnic tensions as the core issue rather than a rebellion against the BJP-led Centre.

Advocating for peaceful negotiations, Rijiju called on both the Meiteis and Kukis to abandon violence, emphasizing that armed conflict would not provide a resolution. He stressed the crucial role of dialogue in reinstating a conducive environment and achieving normalcy in Manipur.

Highlighting Prime Minister Modi’s appeals for peace on various platforms, Rijiju expressed disappointment at the opposition’s politicization of the issue, despite the government’s concerted efforts to address the situation.

Emphasizing the collaborative effort required to restore peace, Rijiju urged stakeholders to endorse unequivocally an end to violence and promote dialogue between conflicting factions. He commended the extensive endeavors of Union Home Minister Amit Shah and other officials on the ground.

Addressing the root cause of the clashes, Rijiju criticized the Manipur high court’s intervention in determining the Meiteis’ tribal status, reiterating that such decisions fell within the government’s purview.

Despite the challenges, Rijiju reaffirmed the Modi government’s dedication to pacifying the Northeast region. He underscored the substantial progress in the region over the past decade, contrasting it with the opposition’s fixation on a single incident in Manipur.

The ethnic violence in Manipur last year, triggered by protests against the Meitei community’s ST status demand, has claimed at least 219 lives, underscoring the urgency of resolving tensions between the Meiteis and Kukis in the state.



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