Know More About “INDIA” – Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance


Opposition Parties Forge ‘INDIA’ Alliance for 2024 Election, Aiming to Challenge BJP’s Rule

In a significant political development, more than two dozen Indian opposition parties have united to form an alliance named “INDIA” (Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance) to counter the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the upcoming parliamentary elections in 2024. The decision was announced at the conclusion of a two-day meeting held in Bengaluru.

Mallikarjun Kharge, the president of the main opposition Congress party, explained that INDIA stands for “Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance.” The primary objective of this alliance is to stand together to safeguard democracy and uphold the principles of the Constitution, as stated by Kharge in his address to reporters.

The choice of the name INDIA is seen as a strategic move by the opposition parties to challenge the BJP’s nationalist platform on which it has built its political stronghold. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi emphasized that the fight against the BJP is a battle to defend the essence of India and protect the voice of its people.

This recent gathering of opposition parties in Bengaluru marks their second meeting in a month, aimed at bridging differences and establishing a common platform ahead of the crucial elections. The previous meeting brought together 15 parties that agreed to join forces against the BJP.

Although the combined strength of the opposition parties falls short of the BJP’s current dominance in the lower house of parliament, where they hold 301 out of the 542 seats, the alliance seeks to overcome their internal divisions and present a united front. The disqualification of Rahul Gandhi following his conviction in a defamation case has further motivated the opposition parties to join forces.

The INDIA alliance released a statement expressing concern about the assault on the character of the republic, which they perceive as being systematically carried out by the BJP. They pledged to protect the fundamental principles enshrined in the Indian Constitution and emphasized their focus on combating rising prices and unemployment.

Moving forward, the alliance plans to establish a coordination panel, appoint a convenor, and tackle the complex issue of seat allocation for the member parties to contest against the BJP on a one-on-one basis. Mamata Banerjee, the Chief Minister of West Bengal and a prominent opposition leader, declared the formation of the alliance as a real challenge for the ruling party and daringly invited them to catch up if they can.

In response to the opposition’s alliance, the BJP, considering it a coalition of opportunists and the corrupt, convened a meeting of the 38-party National Democratic Alliance (NDA) that it leads in New Delhi on the same day. The political landscape is set for an intense battle as these rival alliances gear up for the upcoming elections, with each side aiming to shape the future of Indian governance.



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