Leimakhong Power Plant Incident: Imphal Rivulet Engulfed in Flames


In a concerning incident, the Tumu Lairembi rivulet in Imphal West district, Manipur, caught fire on Wednesday night due to a leaked furnace oil from the Leimakhong Heavy Fuel Power Plant. The rivulet, a tributary of the Nambul River flowing through the heart of Imphal city, experienced flames for about three hours in Kanto Sabal village, under the Sekmai police station.

Oil Leak Sparks Environmental Concerns

The exact cause of the fire remains unclear, but local villagers suspect miscreants might have ignited it after crude oil leaked into the rivulet from the power plant. Authorities managed to extinguish the fire around 10 pm on Wednesday, deploying a team of experts. An excavator was used to divert the leaked oil into another drain, addressing immediate concerns.

No injuries or casualties have been reported, but officials express worries about potential damage to the local ecology and environment. The Tumu Lairembi rivulet runs alongside the Leimakhong Heavy Fuel Power Plant and passes through several villages before joining the Luwangli River, a tributary of the Nambul River, which eventually merges with Loktak Lake.

Environmental Impact and Community Response

The incident raises environmental alarms, prompting a closer look at the possible repercussions on the surrounding ecosystems. The leaked furnace oil could have adverse effects on aquatic life, vegetation, and the overall health of the rivulet and connected water bodies.

Local communities are concerned about the aftermath and the need for comprehensive remediation measures. The potential ecological impact underscores the importance of stringent safety measures and regular assessments to prevent such incidents and protect the region’s environment.



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