Leveling Up From Street Art By: Grecia Andrade


Make street art more luxurious. Make it exclusive and make it expensive.

Artist, AZD, takes a new angle at reality by turning classic cartoon characters into their enhanced personalities. Take for instance, Disney’s notable Uncle Scrooge, best known for carrying around a piggy bank and scrambling for coins. In the world of AZD, rather than money-hungry, Uncle Scrooge is painted as a money motivated duck with a conniving smile plastered on his face as he counts dollar bills all while covered in gold flakes and gold paint.

The shiny gold flakes not only draw in a viewer’s attention but they contrast well with the bold Gucci original print background and bright splashes of pink paint on an elegant golden wood frame.

AZD first began to turn heads when a private buyer gave up an expensive designer jacket in the name of art. Rumor has it that tearing up expensive clothing and accessories has become a staple of repurposed masterpieces in the art studios of AZD. Hence why the majority of his buyers are private art collectors.

Moreover from hangable street art pieces, AZD has flooded galleries with chic repurposed beer kegs. Think grungy beer keg but make it reflective and make it elegant, like Chanel, for example. The beer kegs feature some of the most recognizable logos but cleverly reworked (most likely for copyright reasons.) These fancy kegs are not the only cylinder forms of art by this elusive artist. In fact, AZD’s most viewed video on Tick Tock featuring him pounding a 3.5 foot aluminum barrel next to a porsche randomly disappeared from the internet after it hit the one million view mark.

Since this artist’s most viewed videos have been wiped from the internet, you can still find traces of these metal barrels, or pieces of them on AZD’s instagram (@ArielZDavidArt) or on his personal Tick Tock account that also randomly comes and goes as he pleases, (@AZD_art). Unlike other artists, it seems that AZD wants to keep his art a mystery or at the very least an ongoing topic of discussion. Could this be the next Picasso on the rise or is this an ingenious maneuver to heighten the worth of his artwork? You can be the judge.





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