Manipur CM Warned by Unidentified Group in Video Message


In a concerning development, Manipur Chief Minister N Biren Singh has been targeted in a video message circulated by an unidentified group, raising alarm in the state.

Unfounded Claims and Threats

The video, conveyed in Manipuri (Meitei language), contains purportedly baseless allegations and a direct threat against Chief Minister N Biren Singh. The warning specifically mentions the intention to seize control of Kangla, a significant area in Imphal city, within the span of two months.

This unsettling development comes in the wake of escalating tensions following the Manipur Legislative Assembly’s recent resolution urging the Indian government to annul the Suspension of Operation (SoO) with all Kuki-Zo militants. The resolution has sparked apprehension and unrest among various factions within Manipur.

The individuals featured in the video are seen brandishing advanced weaponry, indicating potential ties to militant groups. Their possession of sophisticated firearms and the presence of a vehicle outfitted with similar armaments suggest a formidable militant affiliation.

While the speaker’s identity remains undisclosed and not definitively identified as Meitei, the use of Manipuri language implies a wider involvement beyond a singular group or faction. This ambiguity raises concerns about the breadth and complexity of the situation.

The emergence of this video message and its menacing tone underscore the delicate state of affairs in Manipur. The unfounded claims and direct threats against the Chief Minister have escalated tensions, prompting authorities to remain vigilant amid the uncertain circumstances.



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