Manipur Governor’s Decision To Exclude Kuki MLAs From Relief Camp Oversight Teams Sparks Criticism

Manipur Governor's decision to exclude Kuki MLAs from relief camp

In a move that has ignited a wave of criticism, Manipur Governor Anusuiya Uikey has formed seven teams comprising ministers and MLAs to oversee the management of relief camps in Imphal. However, the exclusion of Kuki MLAs from these oversight teams has drawn sharp criticism and raised concerns of discrimination within the relief efforts.

The decision, which came amidst efforts to provide relief and support to those affected by recent calamities in the region, has sparked controversy and ignited a debate on equitable representation in crisis management. Many have questioned the rationale behind excluding Kuki MLAs from these crucial oversight teams, arguing that it undermines the principles of inclusivity and fair representation.

Critics argue that the exclusion of Kuki MLAs from these teams may deepen the sense of marginalization and further alienate the Kuki community during a time when unity and cooperation are needed the most. They stress that the participation of representatives from all affected communities is vital in ensuring that relief efforts address the diverse needs and concerns of the population.

Supporters of the Governor’s decision maintain that the composition of the oversight teams is based on administrative considerations and expertise rather than communal representation. They argue that the selection of ministers and MLAs from diverse backgrounds will enable efficient decision-making and coordination during the relief operations.

However, the concerns raised by the exclusion of Kuki MLAs cannot be ignored. It is essential to ensure that all communities affected by the calamities have a voice in the oversight and decision-making process. Excluding any particular group can perpetuate a sense of injustice and hinder the effectiveness of relief efforts.

The controversy surrounding the exclusion of Kuki MLAs from the relief camp oversight teams highlights the need for a more inclusive and equitable approach in crisis management. It underscores the importance of considering diverse perspectives and ensuring representation from all affected communities. In times of adversity, unity and collaboration should be the guiding principles to effectively address the challenges faced by the people of Manipur.



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