Manipur Prepares for First-Ever Census of Migratory Amur Falcons


In a significant conservation effort, Manipur is all set to conduct its first-ever census of the Amur Falcons, marking a crucial step towards understanding and protecting these migratory birds. The decision to undertake this census highlights the importance of safeguarding these avian visitors and their critical stopover sites.

Amur Falcons are small raptors known for their remarkable long-distance migratory journeys. They breed in parts of northern China and southeastern Russia, traveling a staggering distance of around 22,000 kilometers to reach their wintering grounds in southern Africa. Along their migration route, they make a brief but vital stopover in the northeastern Indian state of Manipur.

The birds’ arrival in Manipur each year, usually during October, has attracted considerable attention from bird enthusiasts, researchers, and the local community. To enhance their conservation efforts and ensure the welfare of the Amur Falcons, the government of Manipur has decided to conduct a census that will provide valuable insights into the population of these migratory birds.

This census will not only count the number of Amur Falcons visiting Manipur but also gather essential data about their behaviors, habitat preferences, and the various challenges they face during their stopover. Moreover, it is a collaborative effort involving the state’s forest department, wildlife enthusiasts, and local communities to monitor and protect these fascinating birds.


The importance of conducting this census lies in recognizing the vulnerability of Amur Falcons. These birds face various threats during their migration, including habitat destruction, hunting, and powerline collisions. Also, the data gathered during the census will be crucial in identifying areas where conservation measures are most needed.

Manipur is known for its pristine landscapes and is one of the key stopover sites for the Amur Falcons during their migration. The state has a significant role to play in conserving this species and ensuring that they continue to visit the region safely.

Besides the ecological importance, the Amur Falcons hold cultural significance in Manipur. The birds’ annual arrival is celebrated by local communities and is seen as a symbol of unity and conservation. By conducting this census, the state is taking a step forward in promoting awareness about the significance of these avian visitors and engaging communities in their protection.

The census will involve field surveys, observations, and data collection at key sites known for Amur Falcon stopovers. Wildlife experts, conservationists, and ornithologists will work together to make the census a comprehensive and accurate initiative.

Government’s Effort

The Manipur government’s commitment to conducting this census is commendable. It reflects a growing awareness of the importance of protecting biodiversity and the role that local communities can play in conservation efforts.

As the world faces various environmental challenges, conserving migratory species like the Amur Falcons becomes increasingly crucial. Their journeys serve as a reminder of the interconnectedness of ecosystems across continents and the need for international cooperation in safeguarding these remarkable creatures.

The upcoming Amur Falcon census in Manipur holds great promise for the future of these birds and for the broader cause of avian conservation. Further, it signifies the state’s dedication to ensuring the safe passage of these travelers, enriching the natural heritage of Manipur, and promoting the value of preserving biodiversity.



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