Manipur Remark On ‘Involvement Of Outside Forces’ In Violence ‘Taken Out Of Context’: Governor

Remark on involvement of outside forces

In a recent development, Manipur Governor Anusuiya Uikey has come forward to clarify her statement regarding the involvement of “outside forces” in the violence that has been plaguing the state. The governor has emphasized that her remark was taken out of context, leading to misinterpretation and misunderstanding.

The statement made by Governor Uikey initially sparked controversy and raised eyebrows, prompting a need for clarification. The governor, known for her careful choice of words, wanted to address the concerns and shed light on the true intention behind her remark.

In her clarification, Governor Uikey stressed that she did not imply direct involvement of external entities in the ongoing violence in Manipur. Instead, her reference to “outside forces” was meant to highlight the need for a comprehensive examination of all factors contributing to the unrest. The governor emphasized that her intention was to encourage a holistic approach in understanding and resolving the complex issues faced by the state.

Governor Uikey further stated that Manipur, like many other regions, has witnessed several internal and external challenges that require a nuanced analysis. The state’s history, cultural diversity, and geographical location make it susceptible to various influences, necessitating a careful examination of all factors involved.

The governor expressed regret for any confusion caused by her initial statement and reiterated her commitment to promoting peace, stability, and development in Manipur. She urged the public and media to consider her clarification and refrain from misinterpreting her words.

As the state grapples with persistent violence and unrest, Governor Uikey called for unity and cooperation among all stakeholders. She emphasized the importance of addressing the root causes of the problems and fostering dialogue to find lasting solutions. The governor also stressed the need for law enforcement agencies to work diligently and impartially in maintaining peace and order throughout the state.

Manipur Governor Anusuiya Uikey’s statement regarding the involvement of “outside forces” in the violence has been clarified as being taken out of context. The governor has underscored her commitment to a comprehensive understanding of the challenges faced by Manipur and urged all stakeholders to work together towards a peaceful and prosperous future for the state.



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