Manipur: Security forces recover 35 weapons in combing operations


Guwahati: Security forces in Manipur have intensified their efforts to maintain law and order in the violence-affected region, conducting joint combing operations for the second consecutive day. The operations, spanning across the Hills and Valley Sector, aim to curb the escalating violence and recover illegal weapons.

In response to the deteriorating security situation, the security forces have stepped up their presence, working in close coordination to ensure the safety and well-being of the local population. These joint combing operations have been strategically planned and executed, involving multiple security agencies and intelligence units.

The intensified operations come as a direct response to recent incidents of violence that have plagued Manipur. By conducting these operations, the security forces aim to locate and neutralize any potential threats, dismantle insurgent networks, and restore peace and stability in the region.

During the combing operations, security forces have recovered a significant number of weapons, totaling 35 in number. This recovery serves as a major breakthrough in the ongoing efforts to address the security challenges in Manipur. The seized weapons will be crucial in preventing further violence and maintaining law and order.

The joint combing operations have not only focused on recovering weapons but have also aimed at gathering vital intelligence on the activities and movements of anti-social elements. Through increased surveillance and intelligence-gathering techniques, the security forces hope to gain valuable insights into the underlying causes of the violence and identify those responsible.

The collaboration and coordination among the security forces have played a pivotal role in the success of these operations. The joint efforts have allowed for effective utilization of resources and expertise, enhancing the overall operational efficiency and ensuring a comprehensive approach towards combating violence in Manipur.

The security forces have reiterated their commitment to the well-being of the local population and have assured that such operations will continue until peace and normalcy are restored in the region. The concerted efforts of the security forces reflect the government’s determination to address the security challenges and safeguard the lives and properties of the people in Manipur.

As the joint combing operations progress, it is expected that they will yield further positive outcomes, contributing to a safer and more secure environment in Manipur. The recovery of 35 weapons signifies a significant step towards curbing violence and restoring peace in the violence-hit region.

The authorities have urged the public to cooperate with the security forces and report any suspicious activities or information that could assist in the ongoing operations. By working hand in hand with the local community, the security forces aim to build trust, enhance intelligence sharing, and foster a sense of security among the residents of Manipur.

The joint combing operations are a crucial step in the efforts to restore peace and normalcy in Manipur. As security forces continue their relentless pursuit of maintaining law and order, the hope is that these operations will create a lasting impact and bring about a sense of calm and security in the violence-affected areas.



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