Manipur violence Internet Ban Extended


In response to the prevailing unrest in Manipur, the state government has decided to extend the internet ban for an additional five days. The move comes as authorities strive to restore peace and stability in the region amidst escalating tensions.

The internet ban was initially implemented as a temporary measure to curb the spread of misinformation and prevent the escalation of violence. By restricting access to online platforms, the government aims to prevent the dissemination of inflammatory content that could potentially incite further unrest.

The decision to extend the internet ban underscores the government’s commitment to maintaining law and order and ensuring the safety of its citizens. While such measures inevitably disrupt the daily lives of the population, they are deemed necessary to prevent the misuse of online platforms for incendiary purposes.

The unrest in Manipur has been a cause for concern, with sporadic incidents of violence reported in various parts of the state. The government, in collaboration with law enforcement agencies, is actively working towards restoring normalcy and resolving the underlying issues that have led to the unrest.

However, the internet ban has also drawn criticism from sections of society, particularly those who rely on online connectivity for communication, business transactions, and accessing essential services. Critics argue that the prolonged suspension of internet services hampers the flow of information and hinders people’s ability to stay connected during these challenging times.

To address these concerns, the government is simultaneously exploring alternative means of communication and urging citizens to exercise patience and cooperate with the authorities. Additionally, efforts are being made to facilitate access to essential services through offline channels, ensuring that the impact of the internet ban is mitigated to the best extent possible.

It is important to note that the decision to extend the internet ban is a result of a careful assessment of the prevailing situation in Manipur. The government remains committed to upholding the rights of its citizens while taking necessary measures to restore peace and stability.

As the state continues to grapple with the ongoing unrest, it is hoped that the extension of the internet ban will contribute to a gradual de-escalation of tensions and create an environment conducive to constructive dialogue and resolution.



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