Manipur violence Peace & Stability most Important: Assam CM Himata Biswa Sarma


In a recent statement, Himanta Biswa Sarma, the Chief Minister of Assam and Convenor of the Northeast Democratic Alliance (NEDA), highlighted the significance of peace and stability in Manipur. Recognizing the importance of a harmonious environment for the state’s progress, Sarma underscored the need for concerted efforts to ensure lasting peace in Manipur.

Sarma’s comments come amidst a collective effort to address any instances of violence and unrest that may have been reported in Manipur. While specific incidents were not mentioned in the statement, it reflects the government’s commitment to maintaining peace and fostering stability in the region.

As a key leader in the NEDA, a political alliance of various Northeast Indian parties, Sarma emphasized the alliance’s dedication to the development and well-being of the entire northeastern region. Acknowledging the interdependence of the states in the northeast, Sarma’s focus on peace in Manipur aligns with the overarching goal of promoting cooperation and unity among the region’s diverse communities.

The Chief Minister’s statement highlights the imperative of peace and stability as foundational pillars for progress and prosperity. By prioritizing these aspects, the government aims to create an enabling environment that encourages investments, economic growth, and improved livelihoods for the people of Manipur.

While the details of specific initiatives or policies were not provided in the statement, it is expected that the government will work closely with relevant stakeholders, law enforcement agencies, and community leaders to identify and address any underlying issues that might disrupt peace in Manipur. The commitment to peace-building efforts underscores the government’s determination to create a safe and secure environment where citizens can thrive and fulfill their potential.

As the situation in Manipur evolves, it is crucial for all concerned parties to engage in constructive dialogue, foster mutual understanding, and promote reconciliation. It is through such collaborative efforts that sustainable solutions can be achieved, ensuring lasting peace and stability in Manipur.

Himanta Biswa Sarma’s statement reflects the government’s commitment to prioritize peace and stability in Manipur. By emphasizing the importance of a harmonious environment, the government aims to pave the way for progress, development, and improved quality of life for the people of Manipur. Through collaboration and dialogue, it is hoped that a lasting peace can be achieved, enabling the state to unlock its true potential and usher in a brighter future.



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