Manipur Violence Operations Against Armed Groups, So Members Soon: CM Biren Singh

Operation against armed groups

In a bid to tackle the persistent issue of armed groups in Manipur, Chief Minister Biren Singh announced today that joint operations would soon be launched by the Manipur police and central forces. This collaborative effort aims to address the challenges posed by these groups and restore peace and stability to the region.

The decision to undertake joint operations comes as a response to the escalating violence and activities of various armed groups in Manipur. The state government, under the leadership of Chief Minister Biren Singh, has recognized the pressing need to combat these threats effectively.

With the participation of both local law enforcement and central security forces, these operations are expected to bring together a diverse range of expertise and resources. By combining their efforts, it is hoped that this joint initiative will result in more efficient and coordinated operations against the armed groups operating in the state.

The Chief Minister expressed his concern over the impact of these armed groups on the security and development of Manipur. He emphasized the government’s commitment to ensuring the safety of its citizens and creating an environment conducive to progress and growth.

The joint operations will employ a comprehensive approach, involving intelligence gathering, targeted raids, and other necessary measures to neutralize the armed groups. Special attention will be given to ensuring minimal collateral damage and protecting the rights of the local population throughout the operations.

Chief Minister Biren Singh further emphasized the importance of public support and cooperation in this endeavor. He called upon the residents of Manipur to provide any information or assistance that could aid the security forces in their efforts to curb the activities of these armed groups. The government will also work towards addressing the underlying causes that contribute to the recruitment and sustenance of such groups.

The announcement of joint operations against armed groups in Manipur demonstrates the government’s commitment to restoring peace and stability in the region. With the combined forces of the Manipur police and central security agencies, it is hoped that these operations will significantly weaken the capabilities of the armed groups and pave the way for a more secure future for the state.

As the operations are expected to commence in the near future, the people of Manipur are encouraged to remain vigilant and supportive of the security forces. Through a united front, it is believed that Manipur will soon witness a significant reduction in armed group activities, fostering an environment of peace and prosperity for all its residents.



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