Manipur Violence PM Modi Not Interested In All-Party Meeting; Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi

PM Modi not interested in all-party meeting Rahul Gandhi


In a concerning turn of events, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s apparent lack of interest in addressing the escalating violence in Manipur was evident as he chose to bypass an all-party meeting convened by the central government. The meeting, aimed at discussing the critical situation in Manipur and formulating a collective response, saw the absence of the country’s highest executive, leading to questions about the government’s commitment to resolving the crisis. This disregard for a collaborative approach has drawn criticism from various quarters, with Congress leader Rahul Gandhi questioning the Prime Minister’s priorities.

Missed Opportunity for Dialogue:

The central government’s all-party meeting, which aimed to bring together leaders from different political parties to discuss the Manipur violence, was widely viewed as an opportunity for constructive dialogue and joint efforts towards finding a solution. However, the absence of Prime Minister Modi from this crucial gathering raises concerns about his engagement with the issue at hand.

Rahul Gandhi’s Criticism:

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, known for his vocal stance on various issues, did not hold back in expressing his disappointment over the Prime Minister’s absence. Gandhi highlighted the significance of such meetings in fostering a spirit of unity and collaboration, particularly during times of crisis. His remarks underscored the need for the Prime Minister’s active participation in addressing pressing matters affecting the nation.

Questions on Government’s Commitment:

The Prime Minister’s decision to skip the all-party meeting has sparked questions about the government’s dedication to tackling the violence in Manipur. Many believe that the absence of the country’s leader sends a discouraging message to the affected region and its people, who are looking for strong leadership and assurance of swift action.

Importance of Collaborative Efforts:

The Manipur violence demands a concerted effort from all political stakeholders to find a way forward. In a diverse country like India, where multiple perspectives exist, it is crucial to create a platform for dialogue and consensus-building. All-party meetings serve as a means to bridge ideological differences and develop strategies that prioritize the well-being of the affected communities.


The absence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi from the all-party meeting on Manipur violence has raised eyebrows and caused concern among political circles. In a situation where unity and collaborative efforts are imperative, the Prime Minister’s lack of participation sends a disheartening message. The need for inclusive decision-making and strong leadership in addressing crises cannot be undermined, and it is hoped that the government will reevaluate its approach and prioritize engagement with all stakeholders to find a lasting resolution to the Manipur violence.



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