Mega Blood Donation Camp Inaugurated During ONGC Employees Union Conference in Tripura


In a significant move aimed at saving lives and promoting the importance of blood donation, a mega blood donation camp was inaugurated on Saturday during the “First Bi-Annual Conference-2023” of the ONGC Employees Union of Tripura. The event was graced by the presence of Minister of Transport, Tourism, Food Public Service, and Consumer Affairs, Sushanta Choudhury, who used the platform to emphasize the need for increased awareness regarding blood donation.

Minister Choudhury, while addressing the attendees, highlighted the lifesaving impact of blood donation and stressed the importance of spreading awareness to ensure timely access to affordable and high-quality blood for those in need. He stated, “Every moment, hundreds of people are losing their battles for life due to a shortage of blood. This is unacceptable, and it is our responsibility and moral duty to meet the urgent requirement of fresh blood in blood banks. Our main objective should be to inspire, motivate, and take initiatives in humanitarian activities.”

The minister appealed to students, youth, voluntary organizations, government employees, non-governmental organizations, and the general public to actively participate in blood donation drives. He emphasized that their collective efforts would play a pivotal role in addressing the persistent need for blood in healthcare institutions.

In addition to the blood donation camp, the minister extended his best wishes for the success of the ONGC Employees Union of Tripura’s “First Bi-Annual Conference-2023.” He viewed the conference as more than just a gathering, describing it as a momentous celebration in the organizational life of all its members.

Choudhury encouraged every member of the organization to forge a strong bond with the leadership, emphasizing the importance of unity. He stated, “There is no alternative to the expansion of unity. It is through strong unity, constant communication, and close collaboration that any organization can progress and flourish in the future.”

Prominent figures attending the event included AMC Mayor Dipak Majumdar, State BJP President Rajib Bhattacharjee, 14-Badharghat Constituency MLA Meena Rani Sarkar, 30-Bagma Constituency MLA Rampada Jamatia, and ONGC’s Executive Director/Asset Manager Tarun Malik, among other distinguished guests.

The inauguration of the mega blood donation camp coincided with the conference, adding a humanitarian dimension to the overall proceedings. The initiative aimed to create a widespread awareness of the pressing need for blood donations, while also highlighting the collective responsibility of individuals and organizations in fulfilling this crucial requirement.

The event received positive responses from attendees, with participants expressing their commitment to contributing to the noble cause of saving lives through regular blood donations. The mega blood donation camp served as a testament to the power of collective action and exemplified the positive impact that can be achieved when individuals and organizations unite for a common purpose.

The success of the conference and the blood donation camp further underscored the significance of events that bring together various stakeholders and create opportunities for collaboration and mutual support. Through such initiatives, societies can strengthen their social fabric and foster a culture of compassion, solidarity, and collective responsibility.

As the “First Bi-Annual Conference-2023” of the ONGC Employees Union of Tripura drew to a close, the legacy of the event and the impact of the blood donation camp continued to inspire participants and attendees alike. The call for increased awareness on the necessity of blood donation echoed beyond the conference venue, reaching the broader community and encouraging individuals to take action in saving lives through regular blood donations.



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