Meghalaya Police Seize Rs 2.1 Crore Worth of Illicit Drugs, Arrest Trafficker


In its ongoing crackdown on illegal drugs trafficking, Meghalaya Police seized illicit drugs worth Rs 2.1 crore on April 30 and apprehended one interstate drug trafficker. This significant operation underscores the state’s unwavering commitment to combating the menace of drug trafficking and ensuring public safety.

Acting on intelligence inputs, law enforcement agencies launched a targeted operation to disrupt the illicit drug trade network operating in the region. The successful operation resulted in the seizure of a substantial quantity of drugs with an estimated street value of Rs 2.1 crore.

The seized drugs include various narcotics substances, highlighting the diverse range of illicit drugs being trafficked across state borders. The interception of these drugs and the arrest of a key trafficker will undoubtedly disrupt the flow of illegal drugs and prevent them from reaching their intended destinations.

The arrest of the interstate drug trafficker is a significant breakthrough for law enforcement agencies in their ongoing efforts to dismantle drug trafficking networks. It sends a strong message to those involved in the illicit drug trade that they will be held accountable for their actions and face the full force of the law.

Meghalaya Police have been actively pursuing cases related to drug trafficking and have intensified their efforts to curb the illegal drug trade in the state. The seizure of illicit drugs worth Rs 2.1 crore and the arrest of a key trafficker represent a major victory in the fight against drugs and organized crime.

The state government has reiterated its commitment to supporting law enforcement agencies in their efforts to combat drug trafficking and protect the welfare of its citizens. Measures such as enhanced surveillance, intelligence gathering, and coordination between different agencies will continue to be implemented to curb the proliferation of illegal drugs in Meghalaya.

The successful operation reflects the dedication and professionalism of Meghalaya Police in tackling the scourge of drug trafficking. It also serves as a reminder of the ongoing threat posed by illicit drugs and the importance of collective efforts to address this issue and safeguard communities from its harmful effects.



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