Nagaland PHED Division Addresses Water Scarcity Amid Dry Spells

Water Scarcity

The Executive Engineer of PHED Urban Division in Kohima, Nagaland, has issued a statement addressing the ongoing water scarcity resulting from recent dry spells. The division emphasizes the need for public understanding during this challenging period and assures the public that it is committed to serving to the best of its abilities.

The statement comes amid growing concerns over the availability of water in various parts of Kohima, as prolonged dry spells have depleted water sources and strained the existing infrastructure. With water scarcity becoming a pressing issue for residents, the PHED Urban Division seeks to reassure the public that steps are being taken to mitigate the impact of the shortage.

According to the Executive Engineer, efforts are being made to optimize the distribution of available water resources and ensure equitable access for all residents. Additionally, the division is exploring alternative measures, such as water rationing and temporary water supply arrangements, to address immediate needs.

Despite facing challenges posed by the ongoing dry spells, the PHED Urban Division remains committed to delivering essential services to the residents of Kohima. The statement underscores the division’s dedication to fulfilling its responsibilities and upholding its mandate to provide reliable and safe water supply to the community.

In light of the situation, the division urges residents to use water judiciously and adopt water-saving practices to help alleviate the strain on available resources. By conserving water and minimizing wastage, residents can play a crucial role in managing the current water crisis and ensuring the sustainability of water supply in the long term.

The statement concludes with a call for cooperation and solidarity among residents, urging them to support the division’s efforts to address the water scarcity situation. With collective action and mutual understanding, the community can overcome the challenges posed by the ongoing dry spells and work towards securing a reliable and sustainable water supply for all.



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