PM Modi Named Brand Ambassador of Assamese Gamosa: Himanta Biswa Sarma

PM Modi and Himanta Biswa Sarma

Assam CM Himanta Biswa Sarma hailed PM Modi as the brand ambassador of the Assamese Gamosa, lauding his efforts in promoting Assamese culture. Sarma also emphasized the decline in violent incidents in Assam under Modi’s leadership.

Sarma’s remarks came during an event celebrating the diverse cultural heritage of Assam. He commended PM Modi for his unwavering support and commitment to preserving and promoting the rich cultural traditions of the state.

The Assamese Gamosa, a traditional cloth with cultural significance, holds a special place in the hearts of the people of Assam. By endorsing PM Modi as its brand ambassador, Sarma sought to highlight the Prime Minister’s deep connection with the cultural ethos of the region.

Sarma also underscored the significant decrease in violent incidents in Assam under PM Modi’s leadership. He credited the Prime Minister’s proactive approach to security and development initiatives for bringing about positive change in the state.

The CM’s remarks reflect the widespread appreciation for PM Modi’s efforts to strengthen Assam’s cultural identity and ensure peace and prosperity in the region. By recognizing PM Modi as the brand ambassador of the Assamese Gamosa, Sarma pays tribute to the Prime Minister’s role in promoting Assamese culture on a national and international stage.

PM Modi’s endorsement as the brand ambassador of the Assamese Gamosa resonates with the sentiments of the people of Assam, who view him as a champion of their cultural heritage. Sarma’s remarks serve to strengthen the bond between the state government and the central leadership, fostering a sense of unity and solidarity in the pursuit of common goals.

As Assam continues to progress on the path of development and prosperity, PM Modi’s role as the brand ambassador of the Assamese Gamosa serves as a symbol of his enduring commitment to the welfare and advancement of the people of Assam. Sarma’s endorsement further cements PM Modi’s status as a revered leader who is deeply respected and admired by the people of the state.



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